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Why does the world need FACES ?

Why does the world need FACES ?   Click to listen highlighted text! Why does the world need FACES ? Powered By GSpeech

With "globalization" being a present phenomenon, nations and continents draw closer and require a better understanding of each other. The world today contains several thousand people groups, yet they know very little about each other.

By realization of this ambitious project, understanding and communication among nations will increase, leading to an improvement in quality of life. Common values will be introduced by tracing our common ancestry, and the project clearly supports bilateral processes of building stable bridges among nations.

This work provides new insights into the peoples of the world on a recognizable level in our modern society, and it may be helpful for understanding of cultural differences and similarities, thus improving our lives. Potentially, roots for current conflicts among ethnic groups worldwide may be traced, and forgiveness among the peoples may be more easily obtained once knowledge is gained. Watching peoples within their cultural environment and listening to the languages will furthermore bridge the gap between cultures and establish understanding.

The work of FACES is of sustainable, educational value empowering a new generation to be inspired and motivated to reach for their goals and contribute toward a peaceful environment.



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