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Who is behind FACES ?

Who is behind FACES ?   Click to listen highlighted text! Who is behind FACES ? Powered By GSpeech

The FACES Project was launched as an initiative of engaged, philanthropic people, whose goal is to contribute to international understanding by detailed documentations of the fascinating diversity of the peoples of our world.

One of the driving forces for the establishment of FACES was the concern that in an era of accelerating globalization nations and continents draws closer but yet we know only little about each other.

Of equal concern is the fact that many people groups have never been either investigated or documented and that many of those peoples may be assimilated into larger people groups and possibly vanish in as little as a generation which would include the irrevocable disappearance of their languages and habits.

To the founders, presenting people groups in a positive light as well as the preservation of information regarding these people groups is as valuable as efforts to document or preserve historical places, buildings, documents or works of art. The founders believe this information must be safe-guarded for future generations just as the world now, for example, actively promotes world heritage sites. Furthermore, the accelerating pace of globalization, and a perceived lack of initiatives to preserve this information, not only for the most endangered groups but for all peoples, prompted the founders to aim for the most complete documentation of these traditions, languages and cultures for future generations.

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