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How is FACES working ?

How is FACES working?   Click to listen highlighted text! How is FACES working? Powered By GSpeech

The FACES Project Documentation efforts capture and preserve, through a variety of media, the fascinating diversity of the world's people groups.

Aesthetically appealing and high-quality photo documentation of various groups of peoples, and corresponding video and audio sequences, will make the diversity of mankind clearly and emphatically visible. This objective is met by applying state-of-the-art scientific techniques combined with a computer- and internet-based photographic and video-documentation. This collection, only possible by help of modern techniques, will represent a unique work of art that will stand and speak clearly by itself.

The photographs and short video-clips will create an album of thousands of faces as an outstanding recording of the fascinating diversity of mankind. Watching peoples within their cultural environment and listening to the languages will furthermore bridge the gap between cultures and establish understanding.



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